Over 1000 candidates have received training on this platform. Some of the stories that we are permitted to share from 2021 can be found here.
We respect our candidates’ privacy and will only disclose information with their permission.
In 2021 we held intensive sessions with three batches and every single batch had people secure first-time roles as data analysts, some gaining promotions or simply becoming an integral member of their business team as a result of getting data skills.
These stories are placed here with the help of some of the successful candidates to inspire you, there’s nothing you can’t achieve if you set your mind to it.

I joined PQPLUS sometime in August 2021 to upskill, sharpen and broaden my knowledge in the area of data administration, analysis, and visualization. “At first I was skeptical about joining PQPLUS because I felt that the platform might not have what it takes to equip me with data skills and the prerequisite needed to thrive in this digital economy and also prepare me for the next phase of my career but to my greatest surprise, it paid off and was worth more than every penny that I invested”.
The training started off with the free sessions which enabled participants to audit course content and decide if they would proceed with the main course. The mode of delivery was feasible enough to accommodate busy individuals and working-class professionals. Response time by the facilitator was top-notch and more importantly, the course content was way beyond learning and analyzing data but also avail me with the pre-requisite skills needed to create business solutions and thrive in the digital economy.
I would recommend this training for business owners who would like to take their business to the next level and to beginners, and mid-level professionals who desire to be relevant in their sector because it has helped me secure a high paying Job in the space of 3 months while the training was still ongoing.

I Secured My First Role As A Data Analyst

Earlier this year (2021) I went for an interview and the second question I was asked is if I have a little knowledge about Data Analytics I told I know nothing about it, so I was lectured about it and I was told to learn the skills. After I got home that day, I told my friend about the whole experience and he told me I should learn the skills he said he knows a good instructor and the environment is conducive for learning.
Mind you I didn’t even have a system but I was eager to learn the skills, so I got a system and my friend asked me to come for the free session to get a better understanding of the Data Analysis skills and for real it was worth it.
Kunle you’re a Good instructor, you never rush, and you always want us to tackle the problem together. At first, when I started the course I was scared but the way you teach made it easy for me to assimilate and understand.
Now I know different excel functions, I can explore data of any size, ETL, Data visualization, report, and so on.
Thank you soo much for everything you’ve done and still doing, I really really appreciate it.

In 7 Months I Secured My New Role As A Data Analyst

In May 2021, I enrolled myself in the Data Analysts course with pqplus, and ever since then, I have dedicated myself to learning everything related to Data Analysts.
My learning experience with pqplus has been fantastic. Team pqplus has been very helpful in guiding me towards my career, explaining every step of the course, and coaching me. Despite being a freshman, the structure of the course was so well constructed that it did not seem challenging at all. Before enrolling in this course, I had no programming experience, but now I can analyze data My coach was always available to answer any questions I had, and they responded instantly.
I was surprised when orange drug showed up to recruit before my placement training could begin. I got a job at Orange Drug as a Data Analyst and reached the first milestone of pursuing this course.

I Secured My First Business Intelligence Role with an E-Commerce Company

Here is my success story
I was tired of where I was and wanted a new direction so I talked to my close friends about it.
One of my friends told me of a trainer he had met the year before on one of the big learning platforms on the island who was now starting his own exclusive Data Master Class at PQPLUS. My friend was waiting to start the course and encouraged me to tag along that there were provisions for physical and online sessions.
It wasn’t easy as I’d never done data before but Kunle was thorough, patient, and offered solutions any time there was a challenge. My laptop had issues, it was diagnosed and I got a new software upgrade for free just to make sure I could carry out everything we were being thought about.
I can beat my chest that the training has given me the ability to explore data of any size, discover actionable insights visualize the data, and aid quality decision making.
Thanks so much for all you did and still doing.
If you’re out there and you’re looking for a career boost I encourage you to take the Data Master Class it will open your eyes to many opportunities.

I Secured My Data Administrator Role at a LOGISTICS company in 3 Month

“So sorry I’m just sending this, I secured my Data Analyst role in 3 months. registered for Data Analytics master class with PQPlus in November 2022 and I was unemployed at the time. The training was a physical class, and was intense as we went from Basic to Advance Excel. In March 2023, I got a role for Data Administrator with a Logistics company. Thank you for your help before, during and after the interview for the role. The guidance you gave really helped. You have been rendering this help since I joined the platform, from when my system wasn’t functioning proper with Excel in class, and it felt like I wasn’t following. You helped in getting a new system, and ensured I get all that I needed to run with classes. Thank you for opening my eyes to Data Analytics. And I know that this community we are building, to keep helping candidates level up, will continue to grow. Thank you 🙏 🙏🙏”

I secured a well paying role at a FINTECH in just 2 months

“Hi Kunle,
I would like to express my gratitude for the invaluable training you provided in your Data Analytics Master Class.
The skills I acquired during the program enabled me secure a well-paying job in a Fintech company.
After completing your thorough and in-depth training from July to September of 2022, I was able to secure a new role in November of the same year.
Your training highlighted the significance of having data analytics knowledge, particularly in using Excel, and this has proven to be true in my current role as an Executive Assistant. I have been able to handle various tasks that require data analytics skills and have also been able to do them faster as part of your process is not just about doing the tasks but doing it faster and easily and this has really saved me a lot of time, not to mention, my salary has significantly increased from my previous job.
Your patience in teaching and using practical and easy-to-understand methods made the learning experience enjoyable. I am constantly striving to improve my soft skills in this digital age as the learning never stops.
I would highly recommend your Data Analytics Master Class to anyone seeking to level up in this digital economy. Once again, thank you for playing a significant role in my career journey.”